A Writer’s Progress

Robert Youngson is a doctor who, after a varied career as a general medical practitioner, medical administrator, lecturer and senior clinical consultant, retired from practice to become a full-time writer. He is now an established author with 38 published books to his credit and UK sales of over 1,500,000 copies. Dr Youngson was the author of the NHS Direct Medical Encyclopedia. This was a substantial Internet medical encyclopedia written in simple language and accessible to the public free of charge from the NHS Direct Home Page. It received thousands of hits every month.

Robert Youngson’s books have been translated into French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Albanian, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Czechoslovakian and Greek and also published in the USA, Australia and South Africa. Several large print editions have been published.

Here is a list of the books Robert Youngson has published since 1984:
1. Everything You Need to Know about Contact Lenses (Sheldon Press)
2. Everything You Need to Know about Your Eyes (Sheldon Press)
3. How to Cope with Tinnitus and Hearing Loss (Sheldon Press)
4. Everything You Need to Know about Shingles (Sheldon Press)
5. Learning to live with Diabetes (Corgi)
6. The Healthy Executive (Daily Telegraph)
7. Stroke (David & Charles)
8. Grief—Rebuilding Your Life after Bereavement (David & Charles)
9. Collins Medical Dictionary (HarperCollins)
10. Collins Gem First Aid (HarperCollins—now in its fifth edition)
11. The Surgery Book (St Martin’s Press, New York)
12. The Antioxidant Health Plan (Thorsons)
13. The Guinness Encyclopedia of the Human Being (Guinness)
14. The Guinness Encyclopedia of Science (Guinness)
15. Pocket Reference Prescription Drugs (HarperCollins)
16. Pocket Reference Women’s Health (HarperCollins)
17. Collins Gem Holiday Health  (HarperCollins)
18. The Surgery Book, UK version (Century)
19. Coping Successfully with Hay Fever (Sheldon Press)
20. Living With Asthma (Sheldon Press)
21. The Royal Society of Medicine Encyclopedia of Family Health (Bloomsbury)
22. Coping Successfully with Eczema (Sheldon Press)
23. The Royal Society of Medicine Dictionary of Symptoms (Bloomsbury)
24. Medical Blunders (with Ian Schott) (Robinson Publishing)
25. The Royal Society of Medicine Encyclopedia of Child Health
26. Collins Pocket Reference First Aid (HarperCollins)
27. Medical Curiosities (Robinson Publishing)
28. The Royal Society of Medicine Guide to Health in Later Life (Bloomsbury)
29. Coping with Rheumatism and Arthritis (Sheldon Press)
30. Cellular Biology and Genetics (Facts on File)
31. Scientific Blunders (Constable Robinson Publishing)
32.  Antioxidant Vitamins for Health (Sheldon Press)
33. Collins Medical Dictionary (Second edition) (HarperCollins Publishers)
34. The Madness of Prince Hamlet (Constable Robinson Publishing)
35. Living with Asthma (Second edition) (Sheldon Press)
36. The NHS Direct Medical Encyclopedia
37. Collins Medical Dictionary (Third edition) (HarperCollins Publishers)
38. Collins Medical Dictionary (Fourth edition) (HarperCollins Publishers)
39. Collins Dictionary of Human Biology (HarperCollins Publishers)

Other books written

40. Benedictus (a novel about Benedict Spinoza)
41.  Confessions from Grub Street (an autobiographical account of the author’s experience as a writer)
42. In Praise of Scepticism (the case for rational doubt. This is a major work of just under 200,000 words.) 

43. Ethics for Atheists

44. The Case against Religion 

45. Enemies of Happiness
46 Superstition
47. Belief. The Jennifer Dialogues

48. Debunking the Bible

49. Of Death and Oblivion

Written fiction

50. Fields of Vision (medical novel)
51. Kowloon (romance)
52. Puck at Peremptory
53. Puck at Paternoster
54. Puck Pragmatist  (These three titles form the trilogy called Puck’s Progress)
55. I believe in You (M&B type romance)
56 Mystery at Abbotswood (M&B type romance)
57. The Voice Ray (teenage novel)
56. Fugue Subject (psychiatric novel)
57. Witching Magna (indescribable)
61. Jorico and Fragonard (medical novel)
60. Practise to Deceive (hospital novel)
62. The Guru
63. The Iconoclasts (historical novel inspired by Charles Bradlaugh)
64. Jungle (military novel set in Malaya)
65. Ordeal (science fiction)
66. The Corrupting of Benjamin  Daley (publishing and crime novel)
67. The Blavatsky Testament (conflict of rationalism and superstition

68. The Climate of Unreason (Future dystopia) 

69. Cardinal Sins (Novel based on life of Pope Pius IX)
70. The Holy Assassins (Novel about Giordano Bruno)
71. Lanny Carlisle (Murder mystery)
72 David and his Women (Historical novel based on the life of King David of Judah and Israel)
73. The Undiscovered Country (Novel about conflict of beliefs)
74. Veronica's Money (Novel about anticipated large inheritance from 100-year-old woman)
75. Elsa's Pearl (Novel about belief and betrayal)

76. The God Module

77. The Pragmatist

78. The Undiscovered Country

798. The Devil and Michael Jordan

80 Yahweh and Yeshua

81. Scholarly Seduction

82. Trouble with Truth

74 to 76 form a trilogy called The Brooksmith Trilogy

The novels at 49 to 81 and some of the later non-fiction books are published on Kindle at competitive prices. Go to Amazon, Kindle Store and type in 'books Robert Youngson' for the list of novels and other works published.

The Royal Society of Medicine Encyclopedia of Family Health has sold 144,213 copies. Bloomsbury Drugs and First Aid has sold 263,416 copies, Collins Medical Dictionary has sold 136,355 copies and the Bloomsbury Dictionary of Symptoms has sold 23,477 copies. The four Constable and Robinson books have sold a total of 90,958 copies. A cover mount edition of HarperCollins Pocket Reference Woman’s Health for Prima Magazine consumed 750,000 copies. Collins Gem First Aid has gone into five editions and has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. But this book was written for a fixed fee and there are no royalty statements. The same applies to The Surgery Book, which had US and UK editions and won an American award. There have also been large overseas sales in translation for which figures are not available.

In addition to his own books, Dr Youngson has produced much other published work. He was a major contributor to the following books:

BMA Complete Family Health Encyclopedia.  (Dorling Kindersley)
Larousse 6-volume Encyclopedia
Great Illustrated Encyclopedia (Readers’ Digest)
Literary Lifelines (Grolier)
Science Source Books (Facts on File)
Who Wrote What When? (Simon and Schuster)

He also contributed substantially to:
Encarta World English Dictionary (of which he was the medical consultant)
Encarta ’96, Encarta ’97, Encarta ’98, Encarta ’99 CD-ROM (Websters Multimedia)
Encyclopaedia of Technology and Applied Sciences (Marshall Cavendish Corporation)
Reader’s Digest Home Medical Library (Dorling Kindersley)
Good Housekeeping Family Health and Medical Guide (Hearst Corporation)
Who Wrote What When? (Diagram Group)
Home Health Fact File ( International Masters Publishers)
Visual Dictionary of the Human Body (Dorling Kindersley)
Ultimate Visual Dictionary of Science (Dorling Kindersley)
Illustrated Guide to the Human Body (Dorling Kindersley)
Woman’s Body (The Diagram Group and Wordsworth Editions)
Man’s Body (The Diagram Group and Wordsworth Editions)
How the Body Works (Dorling Kindersley)
Good Housekeeping Household Encyclopedia (Smallwood & Stewart Inc)
The Way to Health and Fitness (Planet Three Publishing)
BMA Complete Home Medical Guide (New Leaf Editions)
Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary (OUP) 3rd edition, 4th edition and 5th edition.
Encyclopedia of Women’s Biography (Market House Books, for Grolier)
Oxford Children’s Encyclopedia (Oxford University Press)
Oxford Children’s Encyclopedia CD-ROM version
Family Health Encyclopedia (Brown Partworks).

He was Series Editor for a list of eleven popular medical books purchased by Thorsons from the American People’s Medical Society. Checked, corrected, UK anglicized, updated, amended and indexed all eleven books and wrote an introduction to each. These books are on Arthritis, Asthma, Blood Pressure, Deafness, Depression, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Prostate Problems, Vitamins & Minerals, Your Eyes and Cholesterol & Triglycerides.

Robert Youngson is a medical graduate of Aberdeen University with post-graduate diplomas in tropical medicine and ophthalmology from the Royal Colleges of Surgeons and of Physicians and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. Specifically:

MB ChB., DTM&H., DO., FRC Ophth

He is an Officer of the Order of St John of Jerusalem (O.St J) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. His work as an Army doctor has taken him to many parts of the world and about half his medical career was spent abroad, especially in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. He has also worked in Germany, Nepal, Jerusalem, Israel (on secondment) and Cyprus. When he retired from clinical work he was a Consultant Ophthalmic surgeon and Head of Army Ophthalmology (Consultant Adviser) in the rank of Colonel.